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There are many things which interest me and, I would like to start writing and blogging more frequently.  This project has been percolating in the back of my mind for far too long.  So, as the old saying goes “The journey of 1000 miles, begins with the first step,” I am starting this effort.

Hopefully people will find this interesting.  Stay tuned…

4 thoughts on “T.K. Small’s Blog

  1. tkadmin Post author

    Okay, I’m not really sure what I have to say, but for the purposes of teaching myself how to use the software, please consider this a comment.

  2. Other persona

    I disagree completely with the commentor above. I don’t know how someone could make such a ridiculous statement!

  3. Different Persona, but not Grata, or Greta, but definitely Great-a that evah :)

    I think Other Persona is wrong, and is yet another example of an mean spirited anonymous commenter. I am outraged and demand more for your blaming tkadmin. I am aware that this all too often occurs annd I am standing up for tkadmin’s rights and powers, of which nothing herein shall constitute a waiver or limitation thereof. Power to the people!

    As someone once said, write on! And if your journey will be 1000 miles, please bring an extra battery.

  4. tkadmin Post author

    I am not sure who submitted the above comment, but it was definitely amusing! Thank you for your contribution and please check in again soon.

    T.K. Small

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