Violent Public Comments

As I have tried to explain to people, my work is somewhat nebulous and follows how the media covers people with disabilities.  Certainly, as an attorney I represent individuals and organizations, but of late I’ve been more interested in taking a more public role through my work as cohost of the Largest Minority Radio Show on WBAI.

In today’s New York daily news, there was a perfect example of something suggested by the title for this posting.  In an article entitled “It’s no Garden of Eden! Residents say adult home is abusing them” the story of a horrible adult home was conveyed. 

One might think that the average reader would be outraged and demand that more be done to help the residents.  Not so!  As is seen all too often, under the protection of anonymity, readers feel absolutely comfortable basically blaming the victims.  Without going into a comprehensive data analysis, I have seen this phenomena in a broad spectrum of publications.  Maybe this is simply part of the “human condition”.  But, it is important to at least be aware that this occurs.

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